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Read Naturally


Dear Red Hawk Parent,

Beginning this week, your child will be bringing home fluency passages from the Read Naturally program.  Each student will be given a passage, which is at their instructional reading level.   In order for your child to get the most benefit from this program, we need your help.

Each week (typically Wednesdays) your child will be given a reading passage.  Prior to being given a copy of this passage, a classroom volunteer will have them do a “cold read” (meaning they haven’t practiced it before).  The volunteer will note the number of words per minute your child read. 

Your child will then bring the passage back and forth from home to school EVERY DAY.  They will read the passage with you each night and answer one of the comprehension questions.  They will then bring the passage to school the next day, where they will do the same thing.  They will do this for a week.

After a week (typically Tuesdays), your child will then do a “hot read” of the passage.  The volunteer will note their words per minute again.  There should be a significant jump in the WPM (words per minute) read, since they have been practicing it all week.  The next day, the cycle will repeat with a new passage.


Some important instructions for you:

  • Be sure you have your child read their passage to you every night.
  • Have them read for 1 minute and mark a line after the last word they read subtracting any misread word (so if they missed two words move the line back two from the last word read) –this shows their progression each night and encourages them as they see their own growth.
  • After the minute timing, have them continue to read the entire passage in its entirety without a timer (they need to practice the whole thing).
  • Have them answer one comprehension question per night.  Be sure you ask them to “prove it.”  They must tell you how they know by showing you in the text.
  • Be sure that you put the passage back in their homework folder or backpack so they have it at school the next day.

This program has been proven to improve both reading fluency and comprehension skills when implemented with fidelity.   Your support of your child’s educational success is greatly appreciated.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact your child’s teacher or me at



Mrs. Russi

Principal, RHES

Read Naturally's structured intervention program that combines teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring — three strategies that research has shown are effective in improving students' reading proficiency. Using audio support and graphs of their progress, students work with high-interest material at their skill level.